Appraisals, Fees, etc.


Micaëla Contemporary Projects provides certified fine art appraisal services to help you in the following situations:

  • Insurance. Your art collection should be appraised every three to five years to assure you are properly insured in the case of loss or damage.
  • Non-Cash Gift or Charitable Contribution. Donated artwork with a value greater than $5,000 must be appraised according to IRS guidelines. For gifts larger than $20,000, a complete appraisal must accompany your tax return. 
  • Sale. Interested in selling your art? We provide market sales appraisals that tell you how much your art should sell for in the current market and identify the most likely buyers for your art. 
  • Divorce/Litigation. We provide appraisal for couples who need to know the value of their art for distribution of property. We can also provide expert witness for testimony in court. 
  • Estate Planning. Art appraisals determining the value of your art will allow for equitable distribution among your heirs. Proper appraisals will insure that your heirs will not face IRS fines and penalties for misreporting the value of their inherited art. We can also help with fractional gifts to other aspects of estate planning. Enjoy your art and have peace of mind that you are properly insured and that your heirs are taken care of.

All appraisals are confidential and compliant with all ethical and professional standards for donation, estate, and insurance purposes (IRS and USPAP compliant). Appraisal fees are hourly and based on specific needs such as travel time, authentication, etc. A complimentary insurance valuation is provided upon sales of work as a service to our clients.

Advisory Fees

Advisory services are available to clients wishing to buy at auction or to broker, negotiate, advise and transact purchases from other sources. Fees are negotiated in advance based on an hourly or project basis. Standard auction fees are outlined below:

Advisory fees for auction:

  • 10% of hammer price for works under $20,000
  • 5% of the hammer price for works $20,000 and over
  • 3% on works for works over $100,000
  • To be negotiated for works $500,000 and over

There is a flat advisory fee in the event a client does not succeed in purchasing. This is a negotiated fee that can range from $250 to $1,500 depending on travel time to the auction, research and amount of works seriously looked into and bid on. Advisory services include consulting on the quality of the work, condition, framing advice, market analysis on price and values. The gallery will execute the purchase or bid process and oversee delivery, framing, restoration and any other services the work may require.

Reselling works acquired from us

Although Micaëla Gallery has closed its brick and mortar practice, we continue as Micaëla Contemporary Projects, and promise to make every effort to resell a work for a client if it was originally purchased from us. We will aim, at the very least, to net back the owner's original investment in the work, although this is always dependent upon market conditions.


We may accept works for consignment, on a very discriminating basis. Consignments are accepted on a percentage basis against sales (usually 15% and 35% to the gallery, dictated by price level of the work being sold), with the understanding that a realistic consignment period can be six months, or more, depending upon market conditions. We will not necessarily insure all works on consignment as this is a negotiated and discussed arrangement.

Consignment fees:

  • 35% of sale price for works under $20,000
  • 25% of sale price for works $20,000 and over
  • 10% on works for works over $100,000
  • To be negotiated for works $500,000 and over



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