Philip Alden Benn


Philip Alden Benn was raised on the East Coast.

He graduated and taught classes from Virginia Commonwealth University before heading North to New York City. In New York, Philip would teach at the School of Visual Arts and work as an artist in the production of television.

In 1999, Philip founded the artist collective, Atmospherex, which would create and perform experimental animation at events and release several DVD compilations of motion and video performance art.

In 2003, Philip and several members of the collective were enlisted to design a hemispherical music visual film for the Rose Center Planetarium. After completing this last project in NYC, Philip moved to California to work as a visual effects artist on feature films.

In 2011, Philip completed the Master of Fine Arts program at San Francisco Art Institute and is currently an emerging new media artist, a digital artist for Nvidia Corporation and part-time teacher at California College of the Arts.


Back in the Wilderness of a full-spectrum spectacle, the Modified Ecology prints exist in an liminal space between the perfect reality of the natural world and a hyper-reality of gilded perfectionism. This seductive work imparts an experience of perceiving a world imbued with ultra-violet and and infrared light.

Nature and technology and their dialectic tension have compelled me to be an artist and continue to inspire my practice. I often abscond with the tools and objectives of technological and scientific inquiry to propel my concepts. As a result of my research, I find my practice veering toward attunement with my specimens, and their stories. The work is a documentation of this ever-evolving equillibrium between observer, the observed and the intervention.

Print Format

There are two types of work in this series, the Prismatics and the Multispectrals each representing a different image processing approach. The Prismatics are printed on kodak metalic paper and face-mounted to 1/4” plexiglass. The Multispectrals are mounted on sintra with non-reflective matte finish and are in various shapes, circles and rectangles.




A copy of Burton's CV is available upon request.