Micaëla van Zwoll, principal at Micaëla Contemporary Projects, began in 1996 with a small gallery in San Francisco's Hayes Valley (that won 1st prize in the international design community for its minimalist design and use of renewable resources). It was an auspicious start for a career in contemporary fine art and modern design.

The opportunity of a jewel box gallery allowed Micaela to draw on the luxury of juxtaposing quality objets d'art with paintings, drawings and sculpture, with intimate exhibitions of works on paper by Picasso, Nolde, Schele, Matisse, Hamaguchi, and her favorite, Escher. These exhibitions presented in-depth concentration of highly regarded modern and contemporary artists.

Developing gallery exhibitions, and their catalogues and publications, was insightful for learning about the artist's works and their mediums, from drawing to new media. She developed an affinity for glass sculpture and video, as well as painting and other sculpture. This  representation attracted the silver screen to Micaela's gallery and her artists, placing contemporary paintings and sculpture in blockbuster films: Juno, New Moon, and Eclipse. Micaela also participated in international art fairs as an exhibitor in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami, and presented exhibitions in London, Basel, Frankfurt, Manila, Milan and Paris.

As an art advisor, Micaela continues to attend art fairs locally and abroad. She enjoys excellent  relationships with galleries in the USA, Europe and Asia, as well as with major auction houses. A current member of the SFMOMA’s Modern Art Council, Micaela is a member of the SFMOMA's Curator's Circle, and adjunct art group, Contemporaries. She is a high level member of the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco, and a card carrying member of museums in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York. Invited to speak about collecting art in the Silicon Valley and San Francisco, she curated an exhibition at the Oakland Museum of California, and was invited by Fox Business News to address the valuation of an extensive art collection on a national broadcast. With over twenty years of active art world experience, she takes great satisfaction assisting novice and seasoned collectors with artwork acquisitions that are carefully considered and personally meaningful.

As an art consultant working with various mediums in fine art, what sets Micaela apart is her focus specific to creation and value, relative to individual aesthetics. She is experienced and trained to address and support your art collection from an advisory, collection management, and valuation point of view. Micaela works with carefully selected art professionals to address every need, from installation to shipping, authentication, conservation and restoration, framing and supporting craftsmanship, lighting, and risk management. Also a collector, she possesses rare but requisite access to the best corollary services available.

Micaela is a professionally trained contemporary fine art appraiser, compliant with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), as developed by Congress and the IRS for The Appraisal Foundation, and she is a member of the Appraisers Association of America in good standing.


Photo: courtesy of Victoria Miller

Photo: courtesy of Victoria Miller