Micaëla Contemporary Projects

a full-service, contemporary fine art advisory, and project-oriented consultancy.


Art ADVISORY + Consultant:

Consulting is the original Micaela Contemporary Projects practice.

Working independently and with reputable art professionals, we would be happy to develop, manage, and update your art collection within your budget and to your aesthetic requirements.


Acquisition, Collection Management, Commissions, Exhibition Design, Framing, Installation + Lighting, Research.


Our experience includes initiating and developing emerging collections to management and valuation of high value asset acquisitions.

Small managerial projects such as preparing catalogues or indexing collections documents are no problem. Our experience with producing high quality photographic catalogues and digital collection documents began in 1996 and continues to the present. We maintain excellent relationships with high quality publishers and have an ongoing practice of regularly reviewing collection documents for clients.

We will work within your budget and aesthetic requirements to research and acquire artwork, design an exhibition, frame, install, and properly light your collection.


Risk Management

Are you worried about the condition of your artwork? Has it been damaged recently, or do you suspect it might be in danger? Are you properly insured for its value? We can assist you with answers to these questions and more through our own expertise and by working with museum caliber art professionals who are considderate of artwork details and conservation.

Risk Management:

Insurance, Conservation, Shipping.



Insurance, Estate, Donation, Damage + Loss valuations.

USPAP (IRS) compliant to 08|2021.



The right appraisal will help you with insurance and recovery in case of damage or a loss, and it will save you and your family money when considering estate distributions and charitable donations. We work regularly with insurance companies, family and wealth management professionals, and museums in this regard. Micaela van Zwoll (principal) is a USPAP (IRS) compliant through August 2021 and a member in good standing with the Appraisers Association of America.