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Micaëla van Zwoll is a project-oriented art consultant, appraiser, and independent curator in contemporary art.


Micaëla van Zwoll is an avid collector and an experienced curator, possessing a refined eye for exceptional work and value.

Trailing the world with vagabond parents provided multiple introductions to culture. As a child, the Louvre and Prado were family favorites; Micaëla learned to see, and develop connoisseurship from a family who loved antiquities, culture and fine art. As a teen, she decided her life would be about art. Thanks to a few interesting detours that curved an otherwise straight career path, it was unquestionably one of the best and most defining, personal and professional, decisions she made.

Micaëla's gift in art is not art making, although she had many early lessons about technique, process, content and problem-solving. Her gift lies in listening, then finding and communicating the unique quality of an artwork and curating, and making choices. It is a valued privilege and reward to live with artwork, and to learn from artists.

Micaëla's BA is from San Francisco State University, where she studied International Relations, with a minor in Fine Art. She admits to spending unfair amounts of time in and out of law school, and was rescued by post graduate academic pursuits including studies in Art History, Criticism, and Fine Art Valuation at New York University, Sothebys, and UC Berkeley. She is fluent in several languages, including French and Spanish.

Over the years, Micaëla van Zwoll assembled and curated more than 200 exhibitions of contemporary art, continues to be an invited juror at exhibitions, authors exhibition statements, interviews artists, presents talks and participates on panels about collecting art and art values, publishes catalogs, prepares appraisals, and establishes working relationships with artists, collectors and art world professionals. Experienced working with primary and secondary market artworks, she is a savvy negotiator, a disciplined archivist, and counts among her many strengths the ability to curate independently and direct private art collections from initial acquisition to museum accession, including charitable, insurance, and damage appraisals.

A conversationalist and writer, and philanthropist and supporter of the SFMOMA, FAMSF, and OMCA, among others; she is a shameless contributor to social media and its networking possibilities, cultivating relationships with emerging and experienced art professionals (artists, authenticators, conservators, curators, framers, shipping and storage professionals), fine art collectors, and enthusiastically practices continued dialogue and information gathering. Based in San Francisco, California, she travels extensively to meet clients, artists, fellow advisors, to investigate and source artwork, and to curate. She maintains broad exposure to the constantly evolving art scene to acquire knowledge and better serve her clients.

About Us:

Micaëla Gallery, was a collaboratively driven program featuring interdisciplinary mediums that include video, sculpture and painting, with an extensive Flat File set of works on paper and illustrated catalogs published by gallery and non-gallery artists.

Established in 1997, Micaëla Gallery emphasized contemporary fine art, glass sculpture and video. In 2002, we began to advise private collectors, developing and supporting their collections of modern and contemporary art.

We grew from a small, regional concern to a recognized contemporary art project with special collections of sculpture, featuring many of the strongest talents in the San Francisco Bay Area, including David Gilhooly, Marvin Lipofsky, Pamina Traylor, and a host of wildly talented free-spirited local and international contemporary glass artists. A downtown San Francisco gallery for 15 years, we introduced the work of several emerging and established artists at art fairs in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York in the USA and Basel, Switzerland. Professional projects include collaborations with galleries, museums, and private collectors.

We presented the first Northern California exhibition addressing contemporary fine art issues within the glass sculpture community, and began our exhibition program at art fairs in 2007 with an introduction of contemporary glass artists at SOFA Chicago, Bridge Art Fair New York and Miami, SCOPE Miami, SCOPE Basel, Los Angeles Art Show and AAF NYC. We introduced contemporary glass sculpture at Art Basel Miami in 2008.

In 2010, Micaëla Gallery evolved to become Micaëla Contemporary Projects: a fine art consultancy and project-oriented program, independent of traditional gallery confines, retaining presence through curated exhibitions, international art fairs, collaborations with art consultants and gallery colleagues, publications, gatherings (of select artists, critics and friends who come together and shape our visual art community), museums, and of course, through new and traditional social networks.