Moneyball, 2013

Moneyball, 2013


Ray Beldner

Moneyball, 2013 (After Jenny Holzer's Truisms: Money Creates Taste, 1979-1983)

Counterfeit Series. Sewn US currency. 11 x 10 in. (diameter)

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Money is an icon, a myth, a metaphor, a collectible, a talisman, a commodity, a means to an end, and much more. Money is ubiquitous, yet we never seem to have enough. In our American Dream, it is a common object of desire and we care greatly about its worth, yet we rarely reflect on its true value.

This work is from a series titled Counterfeit in which I selected key artwork by famous artists, such as Fountain, by Marcel Duchamp, Three Flags, by Jasper Johns and Andy Warhol's Marilyn, and re-made them out of sewn US currency. I started making artwork out of money because as an artist, educator, and part-time art appraiser, I am often asked to assign an economic value to my artwork or others work. By remaking “signature” artworks by 20th century masters, I’m hoping to broaden the discourse about art in general to include discussion of its social, historic and aesthetic values.

-Ray Beldner, 2015