Good-bye, Hayes Valley! Hello, 49 Geary!

Dear Reader,

It's official...we're moving to 49 Geary.

We're very, very sad to leave our Hayes Valley home of 12 years, but we're (kind of, sort of) grown-up, and it's time to move away. Our new home is at 49 Geary, Suite 234, where we look forward to welcoming you to our Winter Salon 2008, opening November 15.

If you're on our emailing list, you'll have received our announcement, about the move and our moving sale (if you're not on our list, please sign up!). Yes, we're having a moving sale - from now through October 25, everything is reduced by 10%. It's the only time we have ever done a sale, and the only time we plan to have a sale. The sale is only for works currently available, from our current and previous exhibitions, and does not apply to works previously sold. The discount does not reflect any reduced artwork value and is solely for the purpose of reducing our relocation inventory.
We hope you appreciate it for what it is - an opportunity to acquire some pretty fabulous artwork at a really good price. Why are we doing a sale? The truth is (yes, we've been known to be uncommonly truthful) that we'd prefer to place them instead of waiting until we re-open at our new home to show them. And yes, we're incredibly busy packing up and getting ready for our move, our exhibition at SOFA Chicago, the Winter Salon (opens Nov. 15), and Bridge Art Fair, Miami Beach...whew, it's exhausting!