Dan Klein - In Memoriam

Joshua Hershman wrote today: Dan Klein was a force of nature 1938-2009.

Josh is one of the many, many artists enriched with a residency at the glass summer school, North Lands Creative Glass in Lybster, Scotland, founded by
Dan Klein, and his partner, Alan J. Poole.

A world authority on contemporary glass, Dan Klein has written and lectured extensively on the subject, and with Alan J. Poole, curated important exhibitions. He curatorial practice, included staging two Venice Glass BiennalesVenezia Aperto Vetro’ in 1996 and 1998, 21st Century British Glass in association with Daniel Katz Limited in 2005, and Lucio Bubacco’s extraordinary installation entitled ‘Eternal Temptation’ at SOFA Chicago in 2008. Unbeknown to those of us who met him, his last exhibition, an intimate show of exquisite sculpture, Contrasts & Collaborations was staged from 13 May to 17 June, 2009, and presented individual and collaborative works by Sally Fawkes and Richard Jackson, two of Britain’s leading young artists in glass, following their exhibition at the Museo de Arte en Vidrio De Alcorcon in Madrid.

Lastly, Dan Klein curated the successful Modern and Contemporary Glass auction with Bonhams, London, on Tuesday, May 19, 2009. A well-known auctioneer, his career began with Christie's auction house in London (he was the former international director of 20th century decorative arts). Among the highlights to his celebrated career in Contemporary Glass, Klein was International Executive Director of Phillips from 1998-2001 prior to its merger with Bonhams. A collector, curator, and writer specializing in contemporary glass, Dan Klein, was an ardent supporter of glass artists, who proved this like no other when he and his partner, Alan J. Poole, helped found a registered charity, the prestigious glass summer school, North Lands Creative Glass.

I met Dan Klein only twice. First at the Glass Art Society's Portland meeting last year, and last just a little over 2 weeks ago, when I was visiting in London. Since my first meeting with Dan wasn't too encouraging, I was hesitant about meeting him again, especially on his own turf. But as soon as my 13 year old daughter and I crossed the threshold into his home, he was beautifully warm and hospitable. Proud of his exhibition of Fawkes and Richard's work, he spoke warmly of the artists he admired, among them,
Joshua Hershman, one of the most recent to complete a residency from the North Glass School. He was proud of his friendships with important contributors to the Contemporary Glass movement, especially that of Marvin Lipofsky, whom he admired greatly and wrote an essay for his Oakland Museum retrospective in 2006. Apologizing for not being his usual spry self, Dan Klein was very generous with his conversation and kind remarks to my daughter. I left his home delighted with my new acquaintance, grateful for his time and respectful of his knowledge. I know the world of Contemporary Glass has lost a devoted supporter.

Below is Alan J. Poole's announcement of Dan Klein's demise.

Dear Contemporary Glass Community,

Regrettably, it is with great sadness that I greet you this time with the news that my friend, work colleague and partner Dan Klein died at the Royal Marsden Hospital, London, on Sunday.

Please do excuse me if I have already informed you and for those that I have as yet not been in touch with personally, I do so apologise for having to inform you in this rather 'cold' manner, but there has been so many things to do and an overwhelming number of people to contact.

I know that I have already said this to many people but it sums Dan up to a t;

The dearest, sweetest most charming man has been taken not just from me but from us all. He touched many people's lives and I like to think that mostly this was in a very positive way.

Dan's cremation will be at Putney Vale Crematorium, London, this Friday, 03/07/09 at 13:40.

Anyone wishing to send flowers, be they attending or not able to, should arrange for the florist to send them to the address as printed below, whilst marking the flowers for Dan Klein at the 13:40 cremation. The address is:

Putney Vale Crematorium.

Stag Lane,


London. SW15 3DZ.


Tel: 020 8871 7820.

Otherwise, if you would care to donate to a charity, then something for our glass summer school, North Lands Creative Glass in Lybster, that we helped found (a registered charity), would be great too. Please contact Mrs. Lorna MacMillan on Tel: 01593 721 229 who will be able to advise you.

With all good wishes and be happy,


Alan J.P.

Alan J. Poole.
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(Specialists In Contemporary Glass)
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