Peter Foucault at at The Lab

Today is the last day to see Peter Foucault's presentation of his latest iteration of his interactive robotic drawing machine Attraction/Repulsion:Redux at at The Lab! is a festival of art, performance, sound, workshops, demos, and lectures featuring cutting-edge artistic experiments created with and related to technology. This vibrant showcase of local, national, and international artists working at and across boundaries celebrates technological experimentation, open source methodologies, collaboration, accessibility, and interactivity. Bringing together established and emerging talent in the fields of new media, digital culture, mixed reality, tangible interfaces, robotics, gaming, sonic sculpture, experimental music, activated objects, physical computing, and electronics, creates a platform in San Francisco for a dynamic locus of exchange within a thriving global community of innovators. Showing with Peter are artists
Javier Sanchez, Aaron Oldenburg, Bryan Von Reuter, Rob Ray, Alex Potts, Luther Thie, Jonathan Grover, Shawn Wallace, Rachel Beth Egenhoefer, Retronyms, Olle Essvik, and Justin Hoover.

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