Congratulations, Weston Lambert!

It's always great to have fun and talented friends around, but it's especially great to work with artists who are fun, talented and generous. Weston Lambert is such an artist, and I'm still thankful to him for all his help at our exhibition in 2008 for SOFA Chicago.

A graduate of the University of Hawaii's sculpture program in Manoa with high honors, Weston wrote to me this afternoon with the news he received a full scholarship to Pilchuck this summer, as well as a full-ride scholarship for the MFA program (glass scupture, I'm presuming, since he didn't quite say...) at Tulane University in New Orleans under professor Gene Koss. Weston will be starting in August, and joins another Micaela Gallery artist, Michelle Knox, another full-ride MFA awardee at Tulane!

Bravo! Go!