Michael Janis COLD+HOT 2010

MICHAEL JANIS is co-director of the Washington Glass School. An artist working with glass, his work is cerebral, well crafted and beautiful. Using glass as the foundation for his work, Janis sets out meticulous drawings incorporating Chicago landmark buildings and metaphysical ideas. The resulting milky white panels possess an uncommon visual appeal.

Janis' statement notes that he seeks interactive commentary using simple forms and intricate glass powder drawings to create unusual juxtapositions of imagery. His painstaking process of developing scenes (suspending them within layers of glass, employing elements of light, color, and sequence), are a gift of time and process that give rise to a contemplative aspect of his imagery. Working hard to create meaning out of his work, Janis favors dream-state surrealism that uses figures, text and common objects to hint at vague yet universal questions - artworks that suggest meanings while encouraging viewers to arrive at their personal conclusions.

Michael Janis' work is currently on exhibition at COLD+HOT 2010, and will be shown at the Fuller Craft Museum in 2011. He lives and works in Washington, DC.