Kevin J. Pocock | LA Art Show 2011

Kevin Pocock’s videos and digital work often arrive from a process different to his paintings and drawings. Some follow the 'idea and design' process, while others come very spontaneously in the moment. 'The Painted Forest' falls in to the latter category. Pocock was on holiday in Slovakia. With no intention of making this film, he found himself on a quiet descent from a spectacular mountain. Drifting gently past the tree tops of the mountain side forest was a rare, strange and special moments. He was compelled to capture it.

Pocock states: ‘I am fascinated by the thoughts, memories and dreams we carry with us each day. The ones that make us tick. I present these ideas in a semi-abstract, defined architectural space, often using common symbols and elements. I like to incorporate the universal to represent the very personal. Private thoughts made public. The internal made external.’

IMAGE: Kevin J. Pocock. The Painted Forest, 2010. Video still from video with audio. 5 minutes, looped. Ed. x/100.