AMORPHOUS DREAMS (Project 2:2011)

Please join us at the opening reception for

AMORPHOUS DREAMS: Prema Murthy, Susan Longini, Marvin Lipofsky, Jay Musler, Bella Feldman, Silvia Levenson, Clifford Rainey.

Saturday, March 5 from 2 to 4.30 pm

Micaëla Gallery + Projects in collaboration with

Bekris Gallery

49 Geary Street (2d Floor)

San Francisco, CA 94108


Exhibition runs March 3 through March 29

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"Some men see things as they are and say 'why'? Others dream things that never were and say 'why not'?" -George Bernard Shaw

Micaëla Gallery + Projects, in collaboration with Bekris Gallery, is pleased to present AMORPHOUS DREAMS (Project 2:2011) an exhibition of artwork by seven contemporary artists whose mediums of expression are glass and new media.

Invoking ideas of beauty and mythology, while commenting on contemporary culture, these artists simultaneously challenge our intellect as well as our sensory experience with their sculpture. Meticulously, and expertly, crafting artwork with color, material and, in some cases, sound, each artist presents vibrant compositions. The artworks address personal cultural references of contemporary community, life, metaphysics and politics by Prema Murthy, Susan Longini, Marvin Lipofsky, Jay Musler, Bella Feldman, Silvia Levenson, and Clifford Rainey.

With a resume that includes exhibitions at PS1/MoMA Contemporary Art Center, the Whitney Museum of American Art, and the New Museum of Contemporary Art, among others, Prema Murthy introduces the Merkaba, known as the star tetrahedron, a portal into higher dimensions. Comprised of video, drawings and an installation, Murthy’s work is an extension of the artist’s ongoing exploration into the ever-shifting boundaries of embodiment, cognition and Mind. She references math and science to locate and map our interconnections to the universe on micro and macro, inner and outer, physical and spiritual planes.

Susan Longini’s work references the lost community of Caithness, Scotland, where windswept landscapes and crumbling buildings bear witness to abandoned homesteads. Using pâte-de-verre to create variegated landscapes, Longini devised a unique and convincing way to unify realism with traditional landscape abstractions, and address her social comments in so doing.

Marvin Lipofsky, collaborator, educator, inveterate traveler, multi-awarded artist, respected sculptor, and passionate supporter of the arts, is credited with bridging international communities of artists, overcoming ideological barriers and continents, to form an international glass community. His career as a working artist is a story of artistic depth and broad recognition over a five-decade journey. A master colorist, Lipofsky’s work deliberately pays homage to the communities he works with, classically addressing sculptural concerns of light and space. He established respected glass programs at the University of California at Berkeley and the California College of Arts and Crafts.

Jay Musler is a visual person. He states, “Wherever I go and whatever I do is reflected in my work.” His inspiration begins with reverie-like assemblages of shapes, forms, and colors. Working with glass to reconstruct patterns he finds in nature, landscapes, and architecture, he cuts, shapes, and paints the glass of his sculpture until satisfied. An abstractionist, Musler’s work incorporates humor with playful thoughtfulness.

Since 1992, Bella Feldman has been occupied with two series of work involving movement and interaction. The first, inspired by the Gulf War and her own concerns, is "War Toys," a flock of comic, ferocious, fantastic machines with wheels and clumsy movement. Made small, ankle to knee high, they impart on the viewer an opportunity for Olympian detachment. Alternatively, they are pet-size, seductively interesting, and inviting to play with. A new series, “War Toys Redux,” continues the concerns of the original "War Toys." These toys in glass and metal reference bio-terror. Feldman states, “As in the earlier series, these sculptures intend to please and provoke and to address war itself as an ongoing preoccupation.”

Silvia Levenson addresses life and femininity with wry wit and beautiful work. Addressing concerns of daily life and the veiled ambience of home, her work offers viewers a darkly comic window of “bliss.” Modern self medication, “happy-ness,” the home, as cocoon and battlefield: a place of love, hate, and tension, are playfully displayed with dualities of fragility and imperviousness - effectively conveyed via her chosen mediums of glass and video. Much of her work is an attempt to resolve the difficulties of living with threats of violence, political and domestic, that are out of our control.

Classical icons, contemporary society, and diverse cultural symbols collide in clever, allegorical sculptures. Clifford Rainey’s first issued edition work, Amphictyonis: Greek Goddess of Wine and Friendship Between Nations is nothing less.

Born in Northern Ireland and now a San Francisco Bay Area resident, Rainey chairs the Glass Program at the California College of the Arts. His work is exhibited in collections that include the Victoria and Albert Museum, the MH de Young Museum, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, among others. Rainey’s work pushes the veristic boundaries of figurative glass sculpture, finding opulent visions in muscle, bone and sinew to create dense and exquisite allusions. Always working with glass, introducing techniques of polychromy married with ideas of personal expression, Rainey’s sculpture and its seemingly abstract manipulation of the human figure reveal alarming depths in the loveliest of forms.

AMORPHOUS DREAMS is about visual expression - the ideals, interpretation, materials and hope - articulated by these artists and used in a contemporary and classic vernacular. We are honored to present this exhibition of magnificent artwork.

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Micaëla Gallery + Projects presents AMORPHOUS DREAMS in collaboration with Bekris Gallery at 49 Geary Street (2d Floor), San Francisco, California. Hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 11 to 6, and by appointment. Contact with any questions or to set up an appointment.

Images, top to bottom, left to right: Susan Longini. Caithness Coast #8, 2010. Kiln cast pâte-de-verre, 35 x 41 x 1.5 in. Prema Murthy. Merkaba II, 2010. Wool yarn. Installation. Dimensions variable. Marvin Lipofsky. Pilchuck Summer Series 1988-1990 #12, 1988-1990, 15 x 18 x 16.5 in. Jay Musler. Enjoy the Silence, 2010. Lampworked glass, oil paint. Bella Feldman. Church. Steel, blown glass, 16 x 16 x 10 in. Silvia Levenson. Life Strategies, 2006. Video and kiln cast engraved glass, chair. Dimensions variable, approximately 6 x 6 ft. Clifford Rainey. Amphictyonis, 2010. Glass, wood, gesso, oil paint and gold pigment, 30 x 12 x 8 in. Edition of 7.

"Trust in dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity." -Khalil Gibran