Scott Kildall + Wikipedia Art!

Scott Kildall and Nathaniel Stern invite you to participate in an intervention on Wikipedia!

Wikipedia Art is art that anyone can edit.

We've posted a new entry on Wikipedia called "Wikipedia Art." This page is the manifestation of the work of art; alter its composition, and you become a collaborator in the art's formation. The catch is that Wikipedia, the world's free and editable encyclopedia, has enforced standards of quality and verifiability. All Wikipedia articles, and each fact written in them, must cite “credible” external sources: interviews, blogs, or articles in “trustworthy” media institutions.

Wikipedia Art is birthed, survives and transforms itself through public performance and communal intervention. It is continuously reconstituted and redefined in a participant-driven write+cite+edit process that we call "performative citation."

Wikipedia Art MUST BE written about extensively both on- and off-line, and these writings will in turn be included as part of the work, on its Wikipedia page. This serves the dual purpose of verifying the piece - which is considered controversial by those in the Wikipedia community, and may occasionally be removed from the site - as well as transforming it over time.

Here are three ways you can join the collaboration:
  1. Write a text, blog entry, essay or any other form of thoughts about the project;
  2. Edit the Wikipedia page itself, citing a published text (even your own!);
  3. Pass along this call for participation to others

The link to the project page is

Initial interviews and essays: Wikipedia Art — a virtual fireside chat:

WikiPedia art? -- by Patrick Lichty