Fortuitous Moments

Micaëla Gallery is pleased to present, "Fortuitous Moments", featuring works by Gary Clemenceau, Scott Kiernan and Tobias Tovera. These artists employ a wide spectrum of artistic approaches, including painting, photography, and video. Opening on Tuesday, March 3, the reception welcoming the artists will be held on Thursday, March 5, from 5 to 7.30 pm.
GARY CLEMENCEAU's work is a result of experimentation with complementary metal-oxide-semiconductors and charged-coupled devices from old digital cameras, wiring them together and running them through powerful magnetic field. These abstract and expressionistic photographs are explorations of the inner workings of his mind; recreations of color fields he envisioned as a child while listening to music.

With a BFA in Photography from San Diego State University, Gary Clemenceau resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to managing his art practice, a busy life with his wife and children, and a multi-professional career, he is a published author of books of prose and poetry, and a 14-year professional musician veteran with jazz and classical album credits. Concurrently, Clemenceau is an invited artist whose artwork is being featured during the New York Armory show, courtesy of Rupert Ravens Contemporary.

SCOTT KIERNAN utilizes photography, video and performance to examine memory and consciousness. In his photographs, the artist uses himself and a mirror, set against various sites in New York City to reference fleeting moments in an ever changing urban landscape, moments that we are part of but not necessarily self-conscious of, as we are constantly consumed by our frenetic urban life. The video, an extension of the photographs, references one's past. Wearing a mirror backpack, the artist is walking away from us, and we are faced with deciphering the warped images in his mirror, only having landscape as a guide to our past.

Born and raised in the wilds of New York, Scott Kiernan is an avid follower of classical and modern philosophies. He earned his MFA at the San Francisco Art Institute in 2007, and has a growing number of curatorial projects to his name. His artwork has been featured at Art Now Fair Miami 2007, and at Bridge Art Fair NYC and Miami 2008.

TOBIAS TOVERA: Inspired by energy and transmutation, Tobias Tovera's paintings are landscapes of color and texture. He explores the fluidity of pigment and the equilibrium between what he intends to create and what the material demands. By surrendering the need to fully control his medium, Tovera allows elements of chance to mark his work, immersing himself in the potentiality of the moment.

Tobias Tovera was born in Sacramento, California, of Filipino-German parents. Awarded a BFA from the California College of the Arts in 2001, his art practice includes installation, painting and video. Tovera's work was featured at Art Now Fair Miami 2007, and Bridge Art Fair Miami 2008.