Quebec blog features Marie-Lou Desmeules!

Yesterday morning, a blog item from Pat White, a writer from Quebec, popped up in our emails! It's fabuloso to see press about our artists - and it takes things to a different level to see our new exhibition, Winter Salon 2009, written up in French! L'artiste québécoise Marilou Desmeules expose à San Francisco au Winter Salon 2009 | You don't read French? Many of us don't, but Marie-Lou's native language is French, so I'll post this for her as I found it. Briefly, Mr. White states, "Marie-Lou Desmeules, originally from Quebec, currently residing in Berlin, is an artist delighted with the extraordinary."

The attached image, featured in the Winter Salon 2009: "In Gold We Trust," is from her latest series, "Too Much is Not Enough." Performance, painting, photograph C-Print on Fuji paper, 119 x 84 cm.

Marie-Lou recently participated in an exhibition in Milan. More on that at another time.