Thomas Scoon's Chicago exhibition with Ken Saunders closes

Thomas Scoon's latest solo exhibition has just come down from Chicago's Ken Saunders Gallery. Scoon’s new work explores his figurative yet abstracted sculptures comprised of cast glass and granite. The granite and glass elements are stacked to create figurative compositions so that when the pieces are grouped together in installations, they immediately develop a sense of camaraderie and dialogue. Purposefully intended by the artist, he accordingly entitles these sculptures, Companions. Selecting from blue-green, amber, or clear glass, the figures have an ethereal quality while conjuring sensibilities likened to figural sculptures of Easter Island. There is an unquestionable element of an earlier, primeval time, with his work. Scoon's granite elements are found in New Hampshire, where the artist resides. New Hampshire, of course, is The Granite State, and the stones have spectacular traces of quartz, mica, and iron running throughout. Juxtaposed against the translucent glass, the granite quartz and mica acquire fantastic sheen and shimmer. Scoon's work is always inspired by nature and its elements—the organic qualities of the quartz combined with the cool colors of the glass creates harmonious and exciting combinations.