Art Basel 2010 Oceanfront Program

Art Basel Miami Beach's Oceanfront, a public nightly program organized by Creative Time, was beautiful, contemplative and exciting. Phu Hoang Office and Rachely Rotem Studio, designed an environment/pavilion using two types of rope - reflective and phosphorescent – to create an interactive environment of open-air structures that swayed and glowed in the night. The program featured four cities, Detroit, Mexico City, Berlin, and Glasgow, credited as vanguards of today’s alternative and artistic/cross-disciplinary collaboration, with invitations to four organizations to partner in creating the program - the Museum of Contemporary Art (Detroit), Museo Tamayo (Mexico City), 032c (Berlin), and Tramway (Glasgow). Spotlighting film, music, video, performance, the program featured performances by Sue Tompkins, Biba Bell, Isa Melsheimer, Aids-3d, 80*81 (Gerog Diez / Christopher Roth), Stephen Sutcliff, Martin Creed and his band, Daniel Guzman's band Pellejos, Mexico's El Resplandor, and sets by acclaimed DJs from the the four cities. Presentations and discussions were also held by various artists including Pedro Reyes, Claudia Fernandez, Raul Cardenas / Torolab, and Jorge Mendez Blake.