Pulse Miami 2010

Art Basel this year didn't disappoint. Here are our favorites:

Our first stop was Pulse, where we fell in love with Silverlens Gallery's new group of artists, such as Manila-based Geraldine Javier and her diptych, Snow (2010 diptych, oil on canvas, collage, embroidery, 54 x 45 in/137.16 x 114.3 cm each panel), pairing representational oil painting with collage and embroidery.

Our San Francisco neighbor, Catherine Clark Gallery featured Al Farrow's architecture (Bombed Mosque, 2010, guns, bullets, steel, 40 x 56 x 34 in), and video by Marina Zurkow (Elixir I-II, 2010, Single-channel digital video, custom electronics: monitor, USB drive, MPLayer, custom frame, 24 x 15 x 3 inches). Catherine Clark generously provided us with a short clip of the gallery's video program to view and consider.

Conner Contemporary Art presented Solaris (2005, light emitting diodes, custom software, circuitry, Plexiglas, edition: 3/3) by Leo Villareal, a hypnotic and beautifully-designed light sculpture.

Lastly, Portland's Elizabeth Leach Gallery’s installation by Malia Jensen, Salty (carved salt lick and digital video, 12 minutes, edition x/10), combined mammary (yes, that's right, mammary) salt sculptures with a slightly disturbing video.

We are grateful for these artworks.