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What Is The Role of Art Advisors? Here's what you get when you hire a consultant.

What is an art advisor, and what role does she or he play in the art market?

As the contemporary market has grown, more and more collectors are chasing a finite number of works by brand-name artists or hot up-and-comers, and they want to be sure that they’re making the right choice. Advisors help collectors buy art by offering a variety of services to simplify the acquisition process.

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Five groups keeping SF's art scene alive

How tough is life for a San Francisco artist in 2016? Just ask Raphael Noz, a 51-year-old painter, sculptor, and performance artist. “At the risk of controversy, it’s like going through the AIDS crisis again,” he says. He likens the threat of displacement to “this big scary thing that was affecting everybody in your community. When it came, they were gone. You prayed that it didn’t happen to you.”

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