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Lino Tagliapietra, Master Glass Artist

Lino Tagliapietra is an influential Italian glass artist and master glassmaker who is recognized for his skills and talents throughout the world. Born on Murano, he started working in a glass factory at age 11 and by his early 20s had become a Maestro (master glass blower). After working for some of the most prestigious glassworks companies in Murano, Lino became an independent artist in 1989. Lino is represented by Hawk Galleries, Columbus, Ohio.

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Five groups keeping SF's art scene alive

How tough is life for a San Francisco artist in 2016? Just ask Raphael Noz, a 51-year-old painter, sculptor, and performance artist. “At the risk of controversy, it’s like going through the AIDS crisis again,” he says. He likens the threat of displacement to “this big scary thing that was affecting everybody in your community. When it came, they were gone. You prayed that it didn’t happen to you.”

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Peter Foucault at ICA's NextNewPaper Exhibition

Hello friends, I invite you stop by the ICA in San Jose and check out NextNewPaper, a new exhibition opening June 5th that features the work of 17 Bay Area artists creating innovative new works created with paper. I have one of my drawings from the "Embryo Series" included. Lots of exciting events happening throughout the show, hope to see you there! Cheers, Peter

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